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Arriving for the David Dixon Fall 2016 show at Toronto Fashion Week

Marilyn Brooks attended the show of David Dixon last night in Toronto during Toronto Fashion Week. Accompanying Marilyn for this show was Sheila Schirmer, a long-time friend and fashion fan. Here they are pictured outside the fashion building in David Pecault Square in downtown Toronto. The Dixon show was full of amazing dresses and had a fabulous tribute to women who have beaten ovarian cancer. Since retiring from a successful career of designing fashions, manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing her own line, Brooks has remained dedicated to, and involved in, the fashion industry through mentoring, public speaking and advocating. Throughout...

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NEW BOOK: Behind the Seams

THE TRUTH SPILLING OUT ON OVER 360 PAGES YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS. INSPIRING! IDEA DRIVEN! SHE DID IT! READ, AND YOU CAN, TOO! BEHIND THE SEAMS is a hybrid: a business book/biography with engaging stories from the trenches. In TWENTY-THREE absorbing chapters, readers will discover tips for starting and running a business. Dos, don’ts, should-haves and might-haves are all covered as you journey with Marilyn through the fluctuations and unpredictability of retailing, so elusive in the fashion biz. Enjoy 40 years of adventures in retail, fashion, fantasy and music. Each chapter includes revealing anecdotes that showcase Marilyn’s adventures in starting and...

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Sheer design from the 1960s

One of the Marilyn Brooks designs from the 1960s in a sheer print from Italy. Brooks visited with Paco Rabbane in Paris at his studio, they spoke Spanish and he made these extra long, light earrings for her to go with her collections. When they received the jewelry in Toronto, it sold out in minutes. It was a special moment in...

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Marilyn’s Art Prints

Art Prints


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