What they say about Marilyn!

“Brooks intelligence, zany charm and a wit that’s always tempered by kindness have earned her a special place in the heart of the city’s fashion community.”

— The Toronto Star

“Toronto would have been a far, far tamer place without her. Marilyn Brooks, who’s celebrating her 25 years of business typically with a great bash at the Sheraton Centre in support of UNICEF.”
— The Globe & Mail

“Every time you think you’ve written enough about Marilyn Brooks she does something to make you write more”.
— The Windsor Star

“She sees the business as a whole. She’s worked hard for young designers. She thinks of Canada, even though there aren’t very many of us. She has proved to young designers that you can be successful.”
— David Dixon, Fashion Designer

“When I think back on my own career, Marilyn Brooks has been the single most influential person within the fashion industry”.
— Linda Lundstrom, Fashion Designer

“Marilyn’s designs make travelling a dream while you look like a dream.”
— Marjorie Harris, Author

“Marilyn’s clothes reflect the unfettered imagination and generosity of spirit of the designer.”
— Charlotte Vale Allen, Author

“Marilyn’s clothes express a state of mind, that’s why they appeal to writers. They have attitude, in the best sense of the word: playful, practical, packable and pretty. They say who you are while you save your words for other things…”
— Betty Jane Wylie, Author