Sheila Schirmer and Marilyn Brooks at Toronto Fashion Week Fall 2016

Sheila Schirmer and Marilyn Brooks at Toronto Fashion Week Fall 2016

Marilyn Brooks attended the show of David Dixon last night in Toronto during Toronto Fashion Week. Accompanying Marilyn for this show was Sheila Schirmer, a long-time friend and fashion fan. Here they are pictured outside the fashion building in David Pecault Square in downtown Toronto.

The Dixon show was full of amazing dresses and had a fabulous tribute to women who have beaten ovarian cancer.

Since retiring from a successful career of designing fashions, manufacturing, wholesaling and retailing her own line, Brooks has remained dedicated to, and involved in, the fashion industry through mentoring, public speaking and advocating.


Marilyn Brooks awaits the start of the David Dixon fashion show wearing her Simon Chang jacket.

Throughout her years, Marilyn Brooks made time for significant contributions to both Canada’s fashion industry and to her community. Marilyn Brooks founded the Toronto Ontario Designers (TOD) in 1980 – the ground breaking association formed to promote Toronto fashion designers and hold fashion shows and events. TOD later evolved to Designers Ontario (DO), then Fashion Designers Council of Canada (FDCC), and finally Fashion Design Council of Canada (FDCC) which sold the much celebrated fashion shows of Toronto Fashion Week to IMG.