Marilyn Brooks decorates cupcakes for the opening.

Marilyn Brooks decorates cupcakes for the opening

WHITBY, May 24 – On May 23 & 24 we celebrated the opening of the Marilyn Brooks “Collection 2009” at Inverlynn Art in Whitby, Ontario. Marilyn’s 5th annual art show, 
entitled “Cocktails & Cupcakes”, was a huge success and much 犀利士
fun for those who attended. Cocktails and 200 cupcakes were enjoyed by all!

Since retiring from the fashion world, Marilyn’s creative magic has been channeled into painting. Her initial show 5 years ago was held at Inverlynn Art and so she was quite excited to be returning to the gallery that believed in her enough to launch her art career.

The show continues on through to June 9, 2009, Tuesday to Saturday 2pm – 5pm

Inverlynn Art 
1300 Giffard Street 
Whitby, Ontario

fannedcardsMaking a big splash in its debut at this year’s show were Marilyn’s new “Unicorn Wishes”, sets of 10 blank cards with the latest Marilyn Brooks paintings adorning the fronts. These will soon be available for purchase through this Web site and select retailers.