The Summer of Love was a five hour music fest celebrating the Yorkville scene of the 60s and its relevance to the birth of Toronto as a major music centre. It took place in the afternoon in Yorkville Park alongside Cumberland St (opposite where Marilyn’s old boutique was) just west of Bellair.

The Stage featured go-go dancers as well five major acts that would have been heard while wandering around the coffee bars and clubs: Riverboat, Penny Farthing, Purple Onion, Mynah Bird, Strawberry Patch, El Patio and the Devils Den…among others! All featuring original members like Shawne and Jay Jacksons and the Majestics, John Finley and the Checkmates, Kensington Marke, Luke and the Apostles, the Sunshine, and the headline act – Sylvia Tyson and her band.

There was a make-up area, courtesy of LuminaTO sponsor L’Oreal-Matrix, and there was also a competition for Best 60s flower child makeover. Marilyn was a judge in this exciting throw back to the Summer of Love at 5:15 pm.

Robin Barker put on a fashion show by his Yorkville Salon with people wearing fashions and hairdo’s from the 60s.

We put out an SOS for people to bring in their clothes from the Unicorn to Robin Barker‘s salon on Yorkville. Customers, their daughters and models wore them the day of the event and rocked in the Yorkville park!

marilyn_robinbarker_smRobin Barker did Marilyn Brooks’ hair in a new, but back to the 60’s cut. He is magical…Marilyn’s makeup artist for the day was Gillian Okopny from Robin’s salon.

You can find Robin Barker’s salon at 84 Yorkville Avenue in Toronto, the phone number is 416-960-5545.

The “Gallery of Memories” was situated on the ground floor of 99 Yorkville. This featured memorabilia from those days as well as archival footage, wall displays of musicians and their inter-connected bands, bios, playbills and posters.

Gotta have more of the 60s!!


If you just can’t get enough of that wonderful era of love, peace, and happiness, be sure to check back at this site for details on Marilyn’s upcoming book release, “40 Fashionable Years”. There will be many photos from the 60s, featuring some of the biggest, most extravagant shows ever put on in North America.


Free Evaluations of 60s Marilyn Brooks Garments

Marilyn Brooks gave free evaluations by the ROCK.

People who still have one of Marilyn Brooks’ garments from the 60’s, brought it with them for Marilyn to give a free evaluation and letter to document its retail value in 2007.

If the item was a good piece, in good condition…it may be possible to donate it to a museum and receive a charity tax receipt from that institution.


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Summer of Love