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How did you get inspired when you hit a slump?

There are moments when your bucket is empty. You can do three things to get youself out of the slump: Go to a movie, preferable a musical. Go to an ice-cream parlor and have a big double dipper of your favorite flavor. Be a...

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Did you find the industry very competitive?

Yes, it can be competitive, but in retail, if you are in an area with other stores of like minds, then you can start working together and that is called a movement . In the right town it can be your BIA. Working together brings...

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Which do you like more? Designing or retailing?

Designing is my first love. I like the idea of finding new fabrics and trims and buttons.  All the parts of the design are important to give the design an original look. Retail is different. It is the BUZZ of getting a look and...

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