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Marilyn Brooks speaking at the YWCA Muskoka's Monthly Networking Luncheon

Marilyn Brooks speaking at the YWCA Muskoka’s Monthly Networking Luncheon

Marilyn Brooks is a dynamic, engaging speaker with a wealth of practical business and fashion experience to share. A trail-blazing entrepreneur, Brooks has spent a lifetime breaking down barriers and doing it her way. Knowing no limits, Brooks has pushed the boundaries within herself and those around her. Her passion and burning desire for creative expression drives Brooks to levels that will take your breath away.

To partake in that which is Marilyn Brooks is to experience life on another plane. Clarity in direction, courage to extend beyond your limitations, whimsical and fun – success in a new, exciting way. You will come away empowered, inspired and informed.

  • Forty years in fashion!
  • Ground-breaking entrepreneur, designer, retailer, business woman
  • You are creative…release the child within!
  • Cooking up creative ideas…outside the kitchen!
  • Everyone will come away with something

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