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NEW BOOK: Making it with Marilyn

THE TRUTH SPILLING OUT ON 395 PAGES YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS. INSPIRING! IDEA DRIVEN! SHE DID IT! READ, AND YOU CAN, TOO! MAKING IT WITH MARILYN is a hybrid: a business book/biography with engaging stories from the trenches. Over 23 absorbing chapters, readers will discover tips for starting and running a business. Dos, don’ts, should-haves and might-haves are all covered as you journey with Marilyn through the fluctuations and unpredictability of retailing, so illusive in the fashion biz. Enjoy 40 years of adventures in retail, fashion, fantasy and music. Each chapter includes revealing anecdotes that showcase Marilyn’s adventures...

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Muskoka is a beautiful place to unwind and create

  BRACEBRIDGE, February 7 – Muskoka Magazine is a magazine for Muskoka cottagers, residents and frequent visitors. The magazine covers the rich array of people, lifestyles, events, special places, local issues and activities one will find in this truly unique part of Ontario. Featured in the February 2009 issue of Muskoka Magazine is My Muskoka written byMarilyn Brooks. It gives a glimpse at how she came to arrive in Muskoka, what keeps her busy there, how she absorbs and channels the natural beauty of her surroundings into her creative works, as well as her take on life in beautiful Muskoka. Muskoka is a...

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Marilyn’s Art Prints

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