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BEHIND THE SEAMS is a hybrid: a business book/biography with engaging stories from the trenches. Throughout twenty-three absorbing chapters, readers will discover tips for starting and running a business. Dos, don’ts, should-haves and might-haves are all covered as you journey with Marilyn through the fluctuations and unpredictability of retailing, so elusive in the fashion biz.

Filled with whimsical illustrations, rare historical photographs and posters, you will enjoy 40 years of adventures in retail, fashion, fantasy and music. Each chapter includes revealing anecdotes that showcase Marilyn’s adventures in starting and ending companies and introduces the reader to personalities and humorous escapades, some of which will leave you in “stitches”.

Also included is “Marilyn’s Maxims”, offering advice at the end of each chapter from a successful entrepreneur who’s been there, done that: pointers for others to follow.

Delivered in an easy-going, conversational manner, as shared with writer Peter Jennings. The combination of anecdotes and advice presents the reader with warm wit and wisdom, revelations within the confessions, and sage counsel from the insights.

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Marilyn Brooks is a born storyteller and she has so many stories to tell. Bursting on to Toronto’s grey fashion scene in the 60s, she broke the rules to transform the industry into rainbows of opportunities for all who participated, guiding retail and manufacturing businesses into the new millennium along the way.

A uniquely engaging individual with an outgoing personality, Marilyn has met celebrities, luxuriated in success, yet dealt with adversity.

Marilyn’s memoirs and business maxims form a book that is fascinating, instructive, praise-worthy and fun to read!

Peter Jennings is a published author having written “Shark Assault: An Amazing Story of Survival” ( and “Why Being Happy Matters” ( He is currently readying two new books for publication: “Pushing the Boundaries” ( as well as “I’ll Never Smile Again” ( His published
books are available at Amazon, Indigo/Chapters, Barnes & Noble, Kindle, Kobobooks, iBooks, etc.