Author: Anita Thomas

Designer Marilyn Brooks Reflects on 40 Years in Fashion, interview with Christiane Beya for Fashion Magazine

Designer Marilyn Brooks Reflects on 40 Years in Fashion in her newly released memoir, Behind the Seams, and with Christiane Beya in an interview for Fashion Magazine.  To discuss Marilyn’s new book, Beya caught up with Brooks in San Francisco while she was travelling on her latest book tour in the United States. Click below to read the full article:...

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BEHIND THE SEAMS Now Available for Purchase!

Behind the Seams is NOW AVAILABLE for purchase! ** BUY NOW ** Don’t miss this exciting read. You won’t be disappointed! INSPIRING! IDEA DRIVEN! BEHIND THE SEAMS is a hybrid: a business book/biography with engaging stories from the trenches. Throughout 23 absorbing chapters, readers will discover tips for starting and running a business. Dos, don’ts, should-haves and might-haves are all covered as you journey with Marilyn through the fluctuations and unpredictability of retailing, so elusive in the fashion biz. Filled with whimsical illustrations and rare historical photographs, you will enjoy 40 years of adventures in retail, fashion, fantasy and music. Each...

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Marilyn’s Art Prints

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